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Gold County Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about El Dorado County California.

What is the best time of year to visit El Dorado County?

The ‘best’ time to visit is usually a personal preference. The Tahoe area is popular to visit at all times of the year - winter skiing, summer sports, fall color.  Our most popular time of year to visit the Placerville area is February through December, and especially during Apple Hill season in September through November.

What is the weather like?

We show today's current weather for our two main areas of El Dorado County (Tahoe/Placerville) on our website under AREA INFO.  The western slope of El Dorado County (Placerville/Fair Play/Coloma/Georgetown) has warm summers and cool winters. Temperatures depend on elevation and can range from bay area lows to snow in the rainy winter months; in the summertime, some areas receive the delta breezes creating very comfortable cooler evenings even after nicely warm grape growing days.

Below are the average high and low temperatures and rainfall for the city of Placerville. In other parts of the El Dorado County the numbers vary.

  • January – High 57 °F, Low 33 °F, Rainfall 7.47”
  • February – High 60 °F, Low 35 °F, Rainfall 6.62”
  • March – High 63 °F, Low 38 °F, Rainfall 6.03”
  • April – High 68 °F, Low 41 °F, Rainfall 2.84”
  • May – High 76 °F, Low 46 °F, Rainfall 1.56”
  • June – High 86 °F, Low 52 °F, Rainfall 0.45”
  • July – High 93 °F, Low 57 °F, Rainfall 0.18”
  • August – High 93 °F, Low 57 °F, Rainfall 0.15”
  • September – High 87 °F, Low 53 °F, Rainfall 0.94”
  • October – High 77 °F, Low 45 °F, Rainfall 2.12”
  • November – High 63 °F, Low 37 °F, Rainfall 4.91”
  • December – High 57 °F, Low 32 °F, Rainfall 5.48” 
Are there any restaurants at wineries?

Wineries in the El Dorado County do not have full service restaurants. There are a number of wineries that have pizza and other light meals including pre-made picnic and/or deli items available. Many wineries are happy to have visitors use their picnic facilities while you are enjoying their wine.

How late are wineries open for tasting?

Wineries and tasting rooms are generally open around 11:00 AM and close around 4:30 - 5:00 PM. Many wineries stop pouring wine one half hour before the tasting room closes.

Are wineries open on holidays?

It depends on the winery or tasting room, but most wineries are open year round with the exception of major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Easter Sunday. Wineries may have limited hours the day before a major holiday or on nationally recognized holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. Some may also have shorter hours in the winter season.

What are the nearest Airports?

Mileages and drive time is approximate to Placerville, CA.

  • San Francisco International (SFO) - 139.3 mi – 2 hour 30 mins
  • Sacramento International (SMF) - 54.9 mi – 58 mins
  • Placerville  Airport - 4.3 mi – 8 mins
  • Reno/Tahoe International Airport (RNO) - 129.2 mi - 2 hour 26 mins
  • South Lake Tahoe Airport - 56.4 mi - 1 hour 8 mins
Mileages and drive time is approximate to South Lake Tahoe, CA.

  • San Francisco International (SFO) - 199.8 mi – 3 hour 40
  • Sacramento International (SMF) - 115.3 mi – 2 hour 12 mins
  • Placerville  Airport - 59.1 mi – 1 hour 18 mins
  • Reno/Tahoe International Airport (RNO) - 57.2 mi - 1 hour 18 mins
  • South Lake Tahoe Airport - 4.7 mi - 10 mins
Are there any lodging properties that don’t require a two-night minimum?

While many properties require a two-night minimum on weekends, many also offer one night stays.  Contact the individual Bed and Breakfast Inn you are interested in to inquire about a possible one night stay.

When is the grape harvest?

The grape harvest generally begins in August and can potentially last until November. Harvest is dependent on summer weather patterns and the sugar content (called a Brix count) of the grapes themselves.

What is ‘Crush’?

Crush is the term used to describe the process of wine grapes being crushed to release their juice. The term is also used to describe the harvest season.  Wineries are usually open during the crush or harvest season.

Flying into Placerville Airport (PVF)
  • Coordinates: N38-43.45; W120-45.19
  • Mag var: 17E
  • Navaids: HNW 115.5 on field
  • Elevation: 2587
  • Pattern altitudes: 3383 MSL all aircraft
  • Runways: 5-23 4,200X75, asphalt; right traffic Runway 5, lights PCL.
  • Lights: SS to SR. 122.8 (5 clicks in S sec, medium intensity); beacon.
  • Obstructions: Hills E.
  • Approaches: GPS RNAV
  • FSS: Rancho Murrieta 122.3, 122.2
  • Corn freq: APP Sacramento/ 119.1; UNICOM/CTAF 122.8
  • Charts: San Francisco; L2
  • HOURS: 8AM to SPM, 24 HR card lock system for 100LL and 80
  • Telephone: (530) 622-0459; Fax: (530) 622-0270
What is Apple Hill?

Apple Hill is a beautiful hilly area that is north and east of Placerville, and north of Highway 50.  The Apple Hill Growers Association, once a fledgling of 16 original ranches, now boasts over 50 ranches and includes Christmas tree growers, wineries and vineyards. Come to Apple Hill and find a day filled with old-fashioned fun. Plan a picnic on the lush land that surrounds these exciting ranches. Their doors are open and the growers have gone the extra mile to ensure your family a day that they will remember. Click here to open the Apple Hill Website

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